Term & Condition

Term & Condition

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Taxi Booking Tems

Tariff and Extra Charges :
  1. All extra charges billed based on your usage for KM and/or Hours over the initial booking will include levy of applicable GST. The rate applicable for each extra KM and/or Hour are shared in the confirmation voucher.

  2. For driving between 10:00 pm to 6:00 am on any of the nights, an additional allowance will be applicable and is to be paid to the driver. The allowance applicable for each such night has been mentioned in your booking confirmation email. This is also subject to applicable GST.

  3. In case of pick-up from Airport, if the driver has parked in the airport parking or if the airport has a pickup charge (like Indira Gandhi International Airport at Delhi), the airport charges will have to be paid to the concerned authorities as per actuals. Please collect the receipt directly from the authorities or the driver as Yaadigo will not be responsible for this receipt.

  4. All road toll fees, parking charges, state taxes etc. are charged extra and need to be paid to the concerned authorities as per actuals. Please collect the receipts for these directly from the authorities or the driver wherever applicable. These will not be included in the Yaadigo bill and Yaadigo is not responsible for these receipts if not taken during trip. Please note any handling charge levied will not be part of the receipt that you will get.

  5. The bill will be calculated based on the distance from your pick-up point and back to the pick-up point. Hence the distance from your drop location to the pickup location will be added to your usage if they are different. You will be charged for extra KM if the usage exceeds the initial booking KM. Any applicable Toll and State taxes for return trip (back to the pickup location) will also be applicable and need to be paid to the driver at the drop location when the trip is ended. The extra KM charged will include levy of applicable GST.

  6. You will be charged for the KM mentioned in the confirmation voucher even if your usage is lesser than that. There is no local usage allowed within the city of origin beyond getting out of the city at the time of pickup and returning back to the drop off location at the end of the trip. This is irrespective of the unused KM that you may have.

  7. Some routes have Hour-based packages. If the trip extends beyond package Hours, charges will be added for each extra Hour. The extra Hour charges are shared in the confirmation voucher. The extra Hours charged will include levy of applicable GST.

  8. The number of days in the trip will be calculated on the basis of calendar days and not 24 Hours from pick-up time. Please return by 23:59 on the last day of your travel. Any delay will involve extra day charges.

  9. The distance shown for your itinerary in your booking is based on the most efficient and in certain cases the shortest route. At the time of your journey, the path taken may vary due to your preference or needs or due to situations beyond our control like floods/route changes etc. You will be charged extra in terms of state taxes, km and toll accordingly based on this new route that is taken.

  10. The state taxes shown at the time of booking are based on the latest information that we have. These charges are changed by State governments from time to time and unfortunately at many times without any advance notice. So, it is possible that these may change for your route after your booking. You would be charged based on the latest. We will try our best to inform you about these changes as early as possible, however, we cannot guarantee that we would be able to do this at all times. Please cooperate with the driver in such cases.

Cancellations and Changes to Itinerary :
  1. In case of change of plans, please cancel the booking 24 Hours in advance. This will free the car and will help other passengers avail Yaadigo′s services. It is important to note that we do not support cancellations through our website or through email. Please reach out to our call center (90 4545 0000) or on info@yaadigo.com to proceed with cancellation.

  2. Any request for change in the itinerary will be subject to car availability, city/location feasibility and prevailing rates. Yaadigo reserves the right to allow or disallow the changes. For eg, Rohtang pass needs special permit which has to be taken in advance so while our cars can go to Manali, Rohtang Pass can not be added to the itinerary. If a city/location addition is indeed allowed, it may require additional charges.

  3. Yaadigo reserves to cancel the trip with minimum 4 Hours of advance notice in case of exigencies or external circumstances beyond Yaadigo′s control. These could be local strike, bandh, curfews, natural calamities or even an unsupported pickup location.

  4. If the booking is cancelled within 6 hours of the pick up time or you do not show up at the designated pick-up location without any prior intimation given to Yaadigo, the booking will be considered a NO SHOW. In such a scenario, Yaadigo reserves the right to deduct appropriate amount up to 100% of advance payment to compensate the driver partner for his business loss.

  5. While we take a lot of efforts to maintain our cars, a breakdown during trip though rare is still a possibility. The reasons could include (but not restricted to) an accident on the road for no fault of our driver or the car developing some mechanical fault. In such a case, we will do our best to provide you an alternate within one hour. The driving time for the alternate car to reach your location will be over and above the one hour we would take to find an alternate. In the event you decide not to wait for the alternate car or we are not able to find an alternate, we will settle for the trip completed so far as per the terms below:

    • If the break down has happened within 100 KM of you boarding the cab, you won’t be charged anything.

    • If the break down has happened over 100 KM of you boarding the cab, you will be given 50% discount on the km for the inconvenience caused. Please, pay the driver for the 50% km travelled at the rate of the extra km provided in your voucher. This is to take care of part of the costs incurred by the driver for your trip.

Dos and Donts during the trip:
  1. You will be picked up from one location and dropped off at one location. Multiple pickups and drop offs in the city of origin are not allowed. It is at the sole discretion of Yaadigo to allow them. If allowed, there may be extra charges for it.

  2. The booking will be for car type selected and we do not commit on providing the preferred car model. For example, if your selected car type is ‘Toyota Etios or equivalent’, any of the similar car models like, Toyota Etios, Suzuki Dzire, Mahindra Verito, Hyundai Accent etc. will be provided based on availability.

  3. AC will be switched off while driving in hilly areas. This is to ensure that the engine has sufficient power to climb the hill.

  4. There is thorough check done before the car is assigned for your trip. However, there are instances though rare where the AC stops working because of some mechanical snag. In such a case, you will get a discount of Rs 1 per KM for the KM traveled without the AC. The driver will try his best to get the AC repaired as soon as possible in the trip itself.

  5. At the end of the trip, please check and take all your belongings with you. In case you have lost your belongings inside the vehicle, we will try our best to locate the items but are not responsible for the loss or damage.

  6. Yaadigo reserves the right to charge the customer for any intentional or unintentional damage done to the exterior or interior of the car.

  7. The driver would require periodic tea-breaks and meal-breaks, which can be coordinated directly with him. For multiday trips, while most hotels and resorts provide washroom for Drivers, some don’t. In case yours doesn’t, please cooperate with the Driver to allow him to freshen up at a nearby place that is available.

  8. Any extra cash that you have given to the driver needs to be collected from the driver by yourself. Yaadigo will not be responsible for such reimbursements.

  9. Drinking and Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the car. You are expected to ask the driver to stop the car for you smoking breaks.



  1. “Event Organiser” as a declaration means and includes “Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd” and includes where the context permits, their respective members, their staff representatives, advisors, employees, vendors, servants or agents. “Claim” means and includes any action, suit, proceeding, claim, demand, damage, penalty, cost or expense however arising including but not only limited to negligence but does not include a claim against the Event Organiser under any right expressly conferred under the rules and regulations for the Event.

  2. If ‘Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd’ provides a confirmation to service; you will be permitted to participate subject to ‘Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd’ complying with this declaration and any reasonable direction issued by the Event Organiser or their representatives. You have read, understood and agree to the Event Rules and “Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd” Codes of Conduct and agree to be bound by them.

3.This document cannot be amended. If you do amend it your application will be null and void and cannot be accepted.

  1. Insurance is in place that provides no cover to any participant whilst they are participating in the Event. You understand that the insurance does not cover you for all injury, loss or damage sustained by you and You can, in your Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd interests, seek and obtain personal insurances for the same.

  2. This declaration comprises a contract between the Event Organiser and me. It is necessary and reasonable for promoting and conducting the Event.

  3. Travel Acknowledgment of Risk and Waiver of liability: a) You understand that ‘Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd’ traveling for and participation in this event is voluntary and that this event carries with it, certain dangers and risks, including but not limited to: overexertion, poor judgment, emotional strain, slipping, falling, equipment failure, up to and including injury and death which could ultimately result in injury, permanent disability, or death. You realize that, you are responsible for any injuries to persons or property which may be incurred in connection during any events with ‘Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltds’ participation. b) Participation in the Event can be inherently dangerous. You acknowledge that, You are exposed to certain risks during the Event including but not limited to physical hazards, unpredictable and dangerous surf and weather conditions, natural disasters, forces of nature, weather conditions, rugged or steep terrain, avalanches, rock fall, slippery footing, water, isolation from medical facilities, difficult evacuation, equipment failure, equipment contact and use and actions by other competitors including collisions, mechanical breakdown, human error and accidents. You acknowledge that accidents can and often do happen which may result in you being injured or even killed, or your property being damaged. You have voluntarily read and understood this warning and accept and assume the inherent risks in the Event. c) You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the “Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd”, founders, their staff representatives, agents, advisors, employees, and members of the aforementioned from any and all costs, damages, liabilities and losses that they may incur due to your participation in this event. You here by agree to abide by any policies, rules and regulations adopted by the aforementioned.

  4. Exclusion of Liability: You acknowledge that while, you are a consumer of recreational services, as defined by any relevant law, certain terms and rights usually implied into a contract for the supply of goods or services may be excluded. You acknowledge that these implied terms and rights and any liability of the Event Organiser flowing from them, are expressly excluded to the extent possible by law, by this declaration. To the extent of any liability arising, the liability of the Event Organiser will, at the discretion of the relevant organisation, be limited to the resupply of the services or payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

  5. Release and Indemnity: In consideration of the Event Organiser accepting your application for entry to the Event: (a) Release and will release the Event Organiser from all Claims that You may have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection with your participation in the Event; and (b) Indemnify and will keep indemnified the Event Organiser to the extent permitted by law in respect of any Claim by any person arising as a result of or in connection with your participation in the Event.

  6. Fitness to Participate: You declare that, You are medically and physically fit and able to participate in the Event. You will immediately notify the Event Organiser in writing of any change to your medical condition, fitness or ability to participate. You understand and accept that the Event Organiser will continue to rely upon this declaration as evidence of your fitness and ability to participate. “Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd” is in no way responsible for any accident or health costs or medical care.

  7. Rescue, First Aid & Medical Treatment: You consent to receiving any rescue assistance, first aid or medical treatment that the Event Organiser or authorised representatives consider necessary or desirable during the Event. You will accept the assistance, first aid or medical treatment from the Event Organiser or authorised representatives. You agree to reimburse the Event Organiser for any costs or expenses incurred by it in providing you with rescue assistance, first aid or medical treatment.

  8. Campsite Policy: The management will not be responsible for loss/damage of ‘Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd’ luggage or valuables while you are in the premises. Bringing goods and/or storing of goods of hazardous nature or deemed illegal by the government or goods of objectionable nature is prohibited. We advise you not to carry or store any flammable substance or sharp objects in or around the campsite.

  9. Right to use Image: You acknowledge and consent to photographs and electronic images being taken of you during your participation in the Event. You acknowledge that such photographs and images are owned by “Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd” may use the photographs for promotional or other purposes without your further consent being obtained. Further, you consent to the Event Organiser using your name, image, likeness and also your performance in the Event, at any time by any form of media, to promote the Event.

  10. Prevailing conditions: You acknowledge and agree that: (a) The Event can and will be affected by the weather conditions; and (b) The Event Organiser cannot control the weather and that the weather conditions may change without warning; (c) There is an element of the “luck of the prevailing conditions” in undertaking and participating in the Event. (d) The Event Organiser may postpone or cancel the Event. (e) You truly understand the risk of entering into the sea could be dangerous and life threatening as it has rip currents. If You do so, it is on your wish and risk. Management is not responsible for anything caused due to this or natural calamities.

  11. Power to dismiss: You agree that at all times You will follow the directions of the “Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd” personnel accompanying the Program in all matters related to your participation in the Program. “Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd” reserves the right to suspend or terminate your participation in the Program for failure to maintain the standards or if it be deemed that your acts, words or conduct are detrimental to, or incompatible with, the interests or purpose of the Program. This suspension or termination will in no way entitle you to a refund for any unused portion of the cost of the Program.

  12. You understand that the included itinerary is a general guideline of what can be expected on your adventure trip but is NOT a contract. Factors such as weather conditions, mechanical breakdown, medical emergencies, natural disasters or other uncontrollable circumstances can alter your trip.

  13. You have provided the information required. By booking a service through ‘Yaadigo Networks Pvt Ltd’ website or any third-party association, you covenant and warrant that (a) All information provided is true and correct and (b) You have read, understood, acknowledge and agree to the above declaration including but not only the warning, exclusion of liability, release and indemnity.